Oil And Gas

We aremandate of reputable oil and Gas Company that supply a variety of products as bellow:

  • Mazut (100-180-280-380) (Iran,Iraq,Russia,Turkman)
  • Bitumen(full kind of grade such az 40/50-60/70- 85/
  • Polyethylene(High/Heavy-Light-Liner light)
  • D2, D6 (Iran,Iraq,Russia)
  • MEG,DEG (Ethelene glycol)(Iran)
  • Urea46%,Sulfur (Iran,Turkman)
  • Any kind of related such az :┬áNaphtha , Raffinate , PVC , Methanol , kinds of Acids , Styren , CFO(crack fuel oil) and …etc

Our Advantages:

  1. Supplying products in tonnage
  2. Offering a very good and uncompetitive price
  3. Enough flexibility in payment situation and fixing the contract
  4. Performance and consultant facilities in transportation and all other port operations services
  5. Provide all legal papers(SGS , SPEC + any Standard requirement)
Oil & Gas